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How do you honor an artist’s vision and musical themes without going overboard on clichés, and drowning in kitschiness? With a simple Content Management System for the band to easily share show information, video content, and other updates. And a seamless shopping experience using Webflow Ecommerce.

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Members of Hula Hi-fi seated on a couch

For extra flavor…

We added subtle nods to Hula Hi-Fi’s “Hawaiian Noir” style with the site’s rolling waves and catamaran-inspired icon. The adventure concluded with Evan creating some rather explosive cover art for The Isle of Forgotten Dreams.

The Isle of Forgotten Dreams album cover art
Screenshot 1 of Hula Hi-fi mobile versionScreenshot 2 of Hula Hi-fi mobile versionScreenshot 3 of Hula Hi-fi mobile version

Evan says:

"I wanted to build a beautiful website to match the music and overall aesthetic—not overstate it."