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Yup, that's us in that picture. We're busted. This is our band. After a 10-year hiatus, our band (which had been our career for about 15 years) got back together to tour and make a new record. Fortunately for us, this time around Matt and I were able to offer our skills to help promote the band. Since 2015 we've taken on all digital and print design & development for the band as well as diving deep into social media management.


Working with Webflow we've been able to easily design and redesign the website for every tour or other event like our 2018 album release for Sparrow or our 2019 Patreon announcement. But for bands these days, a website doesn't have as much impact as your social media. For that, we turned to Alison Kendrick at AK Shouts! for help on optimizing all of our platforms as well as helping organize and launch our Patreon page.

For all of Jump's print needs, we aimed to make posters fans would want to frame, shirts they'd want to wear (not just to a show or to bed) and album art that reflected the band's quirky nature but felt fresh, modern and relevant.