Here are a few FAQ's about our Limitless Plan. If you don't find the answers you're looking for, or if you'd like to see a demo of how Limitless works, drop us a line.

Wouldn’t hiring a full-time employee be easier?

Finding one person with all of our combined skills would be absolutely be an amazing employee to have. But even if you located that unicorn, paying their salary plus bonuses, PTO, insurance, and other benefits would get very expensive. What if you could instead augment your team with ready-to-work experts and pay a flat fee for a subscription that can pause and resume as projects demand?

What tools are you proficient in?

For Design: Webflow, Adobe CC (XD, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro), Final Cut Pro

For Digital Marketing: Hubspot, Pardot, Marketo, Eloqua, ClickDimensions, Mailchimp, Sprout Social, Buffer, HootSuite

For Data Strategy: Zapier, GitHub, Airtable, Monday, Asana, ECamm Live, Restream, Descript, Notion, Make (formerly Integromat)

How do I make requests, check for updates, leave feedback, and receive deliverables?

We’ll kick  things off with a meeting to walk through your dashboard, which you’ll use to create and manage requests. Anytime you need us, you’ll fill out a simple form with details about the project, including prioritization, dates we need to be aware of, and relevant attachments. You can access your existing requests anytime, should you need to add or append with new details, and even shift around due dates.

Have questions along the way? Your Project Manager is just a Slack, email, or phone call away!

How many active requests can I have at a time?

We use a star system to rank your requests by small (★), medium (★★), and large (★★★) scopes, which help us gauge the turnaround times. You can have up to six stars active at a time, while continuing to enter future requests into your queue.  You’ll be able to track progress, leave feedback, and receive final deliverables through your dashboard.

How many queued requests can I make at a time?

The limit does not exist. Once you deem a request complete, we’ll get working on the next one up in your queue.

How do we determine priority of requests?

You set the priority within your queued requests, and we pull from the top. Update the order anytime by visiting your dashboard.

How many of my team members have access to our dashboard?

As many as you’d like! We’ll grant access based on the email addresses you provide, and can revoke access anytime, too.

How fast will I receive my deliverables?

Small (★) projects will be delivered within two business days, while medium (★★) and large (★★★) projects may take several days up to weeks.

How many revisions do I get?

That’s the beauty of limitless things: the work isn’t done until you’re 100% satisfied.

Do you offer refunds if we don’t like the work?

The work isn’t done until you’re happy with the final deliverable. As such, we are unable to offer refunds. We recommend starting with our Monthly plan if you’d like to test out our synergy first. Should you decide to flip to Annual we’ll credit up to 3 months of the $500 discount!

I’m still skeptical about a subscription. What if I’m interested in hiring you, but only on a project basis?

We can still kick it old school! Drop us a line to get started.