It's a Wacky New World and We Want to Help!

Matthew Bivins

There is a lot going on, right now.

Information is flying at us hourly about what the future might hold, especially in the upcoming months. But the truth is that in order to be safe and to help stop the spread of a virus, people are having to make changes to how they work. As fellow small business owners ourselves, we understand.

Our friends in the arts, people that have brick and mortar shops, venue owners and others suddenly need to come up with alternate ways to keep money coming in. We need these friends to keep going, to not lose hope, because these are the businesses that enrich and brighten our lives when the world feels bleak.

We've spent the past few days coming up with ways that we can share our time and knowledge with anyone who needs to digitize their enterprise. If there is one thing the BivBros can do well, it's talking about nerdy things, so let's start some conversations in the comments below, on our Facebook page, or straight to our inbox at We can turn these questions into some tutorials, like:

We’ll share as many DIY videos and how-to tips as we can, right here on our new blog, and probably YouTube and Facebook both. An example: just today we taught our computer-hesitant Mom how to use, and if you know anyone that would like to see a tutorial on this, Bivins Brothers-style, chime in!

We're also offering a 25% discount of our services to upgrade that website or build an Ecommerce solution for you, if you're not wanting to do it yourself. In this way, of course, we're helping you, and you're helping us, too.

Send us a note at and let's discuss! Stay safe, everyone!

Thinking of you,

Matt and Evan Bivins

Matthew Bivins
Matthew Bivins