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Alison Kendrick

Back in March, when the world first started feeling a little bit bonkers, we sounded our “WE ARE HERE TO HELP!” sirens. If you don’t know who “we” are and how we could possibly help at a time like this, allow me to make a quick introduction: we are nerds who love to make websites, apps, music, illustrations, multi-channel marketing strategies, email campaigns, and more.

So how do we, people who genuinely get a kick out of using technology to solve just about any problem, best support you, wearer of many hats? Turns out, shouting “DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS” into the ether is but one of many ways. If you do have any questions, feel free to drop us a line! But if you’re down for a more interactive approach, meet us on our Facebook page live on Fridays at 3:30 CT/4:30 ET. Our plan is to get the inquisitive juices flowing by sharing about a project or two we’ve been working on, and opening the floor for live questions. Better together, right? We sure think so!  

We recently tried this out, and were truly delighted in some of the topics raised! If you’d like to watch last week’s episode, be our guest! Otherwise here’s your TL;DW:

· ClickFunnels, the platform and sales funnels the, well, sales strategy. Is this college? Why is everyone talking about funneling things again? I gave a quick overview to illustrate how companies use their website, social media, or email campaigns to introduce their brand and collect interested contacts, then provide relevant information to hopefully end in a sale or sign up.

· Zoombombing! How to organize a gated online event via platforms such as Zoom, WebEx, GoToWebinar, etc in a safe way, and then create a buzz online with your social media and email marketing.  

· Online Portfolio Platforms: Our resident artist Evan Bivins recommended DeviantArt, Dribbble, and Behance as great functional portfolio sites and briefly discussed WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) or Drag ‘n Drop options, such as creating your own Squarespace or Wix sites.

Artist Behance portfolio home page
Evan's Behance Page

· Web Accessibility Update: Accessibility Activist Matt Bivins shared that audio transcription service has released an integration with Zoom to allow a direct connection for mic and speaker inputs, providing something close to real-time audio transcriptions for meetings. Google has also launched its updated meeting platform Google Meet, with a transcription feature. Matt promises to test and report back! integration with Zoom
Matt's interface

·We’re all obsessed with Dungeons & Dragons, so if y’all don’t ask real digital-related questions we’ll probably just talk about that every week. As a matter of fact, we started to and then our feed died, whomp whomp, which was probably an ok thing now that I think about it.

Five friends play Dungeons & Dragons via Zoom
Jeff, Alison, Anna, Matt, and Evan play D&D at Alison's house... sort of.

Until our next virtual meeting, thanks for reading and feeding us so many great things to chat about! I hope to see you Friday, commenting away with all your burning questions!

Alison Kendrick
Alison Kendrick
Adopted BivBro, Sorceress of Digital Marketing Magic, Communications Cantrips, and Social Media Shenanigans