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Know No Limits: Our Digital Services Subscription Model

Evan Bivins + Alison Kendrick

Bivins Brothers Creative: The Quick Intro

Our story began in 2008. The Bros, which is to say our Lead Developer Matt Bivins and Lead Designer Evan Bivins, said hey, let’s start a business to build beautiful websites! Along came Alison Kendrick in 2017 to round things out with digital marketing offerings. We design, develop, automate, stream, strategize, create, write, engage, and also play a whole lot of D&D.

The Limitless Plan: Our Elevator Pitch

By offering design, development, digital marketing, and data strategy services, our newest plan can give you access to all our skills alongside transparent pricing. Bolster your marketing efforts and obliterate your backlog! Limitless includes:

  • Simple pricing, with one flat rate and infinite digital possibilities
  • A digital dashboard, so you can easily submit requests, communicate timelines and see updates
  • Limitless Revisions, where change requests and revision caps are a thing of the past

Why Add a Subscription Service?

When we sat down to discuss our business strategy for 2022 and beyond, we started by focusing on our past favorite projects and asking ourselves why they were our favorites. Turns out, the work we enjoy the most is when we're integrating with a larger team on an ongoing basis, filling any gaps they may have. Not only do we enjoy playing in others' sandboxes—it's pretty rare that all three of us are working on the same project at the same time, and we want more of that.

So, the question was, how do we create more opportunities like this? How do we bring more of these types of client experiences to us? Right around the time we asked this question we became aware of DesignJoy, a small studio of one with a wild idea: design services as a subscription.

At first we were skeptical the subscription model could work / was working / would continue to work, but upon closer examination, it wasn't just working, it was flourishing. As of August 2022 DesignJoy reported 100K in monthly recurring revenue. We also discovered that DesignJoy doesn't stand alone—design subscription services like Design Pickle have been around since 2015.

Our Spin on Unlimited Web Design + Digital Strategy

Could this work for us? We know from experience that outsourcing web design and development often leads to a particular dilemma: design agencies are reliable but can be expensive and slow, while freelancers are affordable but not always as reliable. A subscription model aims to offer clients the best of both and eliminate the worst, with a service that is reliable, affordable and agile.

The truth is, someone who can do everything the three of us can do would be an amazing unicorn for any company to find, but they would be $$$$. Here's where we realized we can help teams like yours fill in the gaps, stay within budget, and we get our own wish of working together more.

Launching Limitless

This is uncharted territory for most people adopting this strategy, and we're excited about its potential. We've worked hard to come up with a fluid client request system where we can receive, manage, and prioritize requests without stealing more time from your busy days.

Now, we know there's going to be a portion of the internet who will roll their eyes and say "Vecna, pleez, another subscription service?!" And that's fair, as we're not the first to jump on this train. In fact, in the not-too-distant-past we even ranted a little about an over-abundance of subscription-based services, before coming to terms with this brave new world and sharing tips to be a conscientious creator.

Here's the good news: we think we can have both. Limitless is an ideal fit for organizations needing a partner or guide to augment their team and not only craft the strategies, but execute the work as well. We're ready to tackle your trickiest digital foes! And for those of you looking for a good ol' one-off project, don't worry—our inbox remains open to discuss that sort of work, too.

What's Next for Bivins Brothers Creative?

It's time to spread the word and help you move that abundance of back-burnered digital projects to a different, highly-capable team! If this sounds right for you or someone you know, please give us a shout. We'd love to hear from you.

Evan Bivins + Alison Kendrick
Evan Bivins + Alison Kendrick
Two or more makes it a party, right?