New Site, Who Dis?

Matthew Bivins

"The cobbler's kids have no shoes". Few sayings are more appropriate when you hear a design team talk about their own website. I would imagine that if you ask, most web development and design teams say that working on their own website is always last on the to-do list.

I'm not entirely sure why. We're proud of the work that we've done, we don't mind showcasing favorite clients. With your personal site you get to try some things that you know a client won't want or need. But it's a thing! In fact, just today Evan Slack'd us this:

Next time we're hiring someone else to build our site. 😆

He's joking, of course, we're pretty sure. But the job is tough, and easy to put off. When you get to the point where you're mumbling excuses for your own website as you send it out to people, though, it's time. Time to rethink some things, slap on some new paint, re-write that elevator pitch.

Welcome to the new Bivins Brothers Creative website! More of a collaborative effort than ever, we all tried to chip in thoughts and ideas and code—cram our larger-than-life quirks and personalities into the official company site. The goal was to make it a little more us, to do a better job of telling our story. But please be aware that most of the heavy lifting fell once again to lead designer Evan Bivins. He accrued a ton of XP and some DM inspiration for this feat. Maybe we'll get Biv to talk a little bit about his process in another post.

Before then, take a gander! Revel in the sparkles, inspired by new team member, Alison Kendrick! Delight in our original illustrations of the entire team and team dogs. Check its overall accessibility, and thank our resident accessibility expert Lindsay Jean Drexler for being a guiding light in that department. Send lead developer (& DM) Matthew Bivins all your virtual hugs for saying "yes, and" to every creative problem we launched his way! And let it slowly dawn on you as you peruse that we are really, really into Dungeons & Dragons, amongst other nerdy things.

And then…reach out! Be our friends. We are in the market for some new clients. Clients that we respect, clients that we are inspired by, clients that are fun to work with. Clients that do cool things and need a team of cool people to handle the job of telling their super-cool story. Or, you know, we can also chat about RPGs.

Our kids have some pretty fly kicks, again!

Matthew Bivins
Matthew Bivins
If you build it…congratulations!