Webflow Workspaces: Our Subscription Plan Selection Adventure

Evan Bivins

So, there have been some significant changes to Webflow's site plan pricing this year. A quick glance at the Workspace plans and pricing options revealed no part of the process would be simple, and we'd need to get our existing account and its tangle of client sites and billing under control before making the move. We finally caught a breath to do some much-needed research and internal housekeeping to move us out of the old and into the new.

Webflow's Pricing Plan Updates (Fall 2022)

We wanted to make sure we did set things up right, so Matt and I got together to look at where we were and where we needed to go. If you'd prefer to watch instead of read, check out our Pair Pods stream on YewTewb.

The first thing we had to do was wrap up transitioning our clients off Client Billing (we’re still bummed the plug got pulled on that). Rather than go with a 3rd party billing platform like Bonsai, we chose to set each of our clients up with their own Webflow account. There are pain points with this, namely that it’s no longer convenient—or rather, it’s incredibly inconvenient—to not be able to copy elements from one project to another. But since we didn’t want to be on the hook for billing clients or have to pay for Bonsai, here we are. 

Getting to know Webflow Workspaces

Once that was taken care of, we clicked that blue button to transfer to a Workspace. According to Webflow's pricing page, it seemed the only plan available to us was ‘Growth’ at $49/mo per seat. Even with two seats, that was already cheaper than what we’d been paying for our Pro plan ($35/mo) + Small Teams ($70/mo), but we saw a way to spend even less—we’re a small shop and any place we can save money has a big impact.

The price jump between the ‘Core’ and ‘Growth’ plans was significant. Why couldn’t we get that sweet $19/mo Core price? Turns out because we had a TON of unhosted sites; everything from microsites that we used as proposals to send to clients, to a site I built for my wedding 5 years ago. We’ve been using Webflow since 2015 and had just let things pile up.

How To Get the Webflow Core Workspace Plan

If we could whittle our unhosted sites down to 10 or below we’d qualify for the ‘Core’ plan. So, we Marie Kondo’d the @#$% out of our Webflow projects. Sites that didn’t need to exist anymore (old proposals, etc), we exported the HTML / CSS and deleted them. Sites that weren’t really doing anything but we weren’t ready to remove from the internet entirely, we bumped out to their own Webflow accounts. To do this we created email aliases to open new Webflow accounts that could store up to two projects. Cleaning all this up was a surprising amount of work but it was gratifying to get rid of things that were no longer being used.

Wait Wait, there's more: Webflow Freelancer and Agency Plans

Now we were ready to sign up for that sweet, sweet ‘Core’ plan… when we then discovered that there was another, new set of Workspace plans for Freelancers and Agencies, the appropriately titled ‘Freelancer’ and ‘Agency’ plans. The ‘Freelancer’ plan was 3 whole dollars cheaper than ‘Core’ and came with a big difference: Full CMS access on unhosted sites. If you’ve ever set up CMS for a client you know this is a big deal. I believe we have the Webflow user community to thank for Webflow adding this features. So, thank you! 

Ultimately we landed on 2 seats of the ‘Freelancer’ plan for a grand total $32/mo—$73 less than what we’d been spending. Two seats on the ‘Agency’ plan would run us $80 a month which would still save us $25 a month, but we decided we’d grow into that when we’re ready. For now, we can stay lean and mean by asking ourselves if an unhosted site brings us joy or not. 


How we got a low Workspaces Plan Price

  1. Transition remaining clients off Client Billing
  2. Take stock of unhosted sites and put into two buckets: delete or transfer
  3. Export HTML / CSS of sites in the ‘delete’ bucket (then delete them)
  4. Transfer sites in the ‘transfer’ bucket to their own Webflow account
  5. Get unhosted sites down to 10 or below
  6. Get those sweet, sweet savings

Evan Bivins
Evan Bivins
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